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Payflow Link extension for CC6

James Ellerman

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Does anyone have an extension for Payflow Link that works on CC6?  Payflow Link is the Paypal (previously Verisign) payment gateway that uses a website hosted by Paypal to collect credit card information (as opposed to Payflow Pro which relies on the store web page to collect the credit card and send them to Paypal for authorisation, which is also different to Paypal Website Payments Pro, for which there is a plugin available, which is also different to Paypal Standard, for which a plugin also exists...I'm sure they don't deliberately want to confuse people, but...)

If an extension for Payflow Link is not available, a Payflow Pro plugin would be the next best thing, but Payflow Link is certainly preferred as it is what we use currently.  We do not want to use Paypal standard or Website Payments Pro, as the fees involved are greater than using Payflow Link with our bank merchant account, making it uneconomical to swap processing methods just for the sake of a plugin.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Al,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I agree, the payment system has been around for quite a number of years. The client joined when it was Verisign, which was then bought by Paypal, and they have remained with the product since as it still works for them.  It is technically possible to change to another Paypal product, but as mentioned it is more expensive, to the tune of around $1000 per year in transaction costs, which will only increase as the number of transactions increases due to the cost structure of the new products.

If there is not going to be any development of such a plugin, do you know if there is any similar type of plugin that I could potentially modify with the Payflow Link specific values to suit?  I believe the Payflow Link system simply takes values that are POSTed to a customised web page on the Payflow servers, presents the customer with the Payflow hosted processing page where they enter their credit card details, and returns a success/failure to a URL back on the store to complete the transaction.  It is not a particularly complex transaction, but my skills are somewhat limited in this area. Surely there must be some other plugins that do a similar thing that I could potentially modify for the task?  I have the documentation around what Payflow Link expects to receive, where it has to be sent, etc.

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