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Unsecure page announcement in Firefox

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I've just noticed in Firefox, could be other browsers I don't know, on some of my pages it is showing the gray triangle in the address bar.  When clicked the message says some of my pages are

not encrpted and are not fully secure.  Seems to be mostly on the Product Page.

Thanks in advance,


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If you have any full url's in your code that are unsecure, this will happen. Check main.php, cc.power.php if you're using it, and content.product.php particularly for such url's and change to relative addresses by  leaving off the http: and starting with //. If you're seeing the warning after those are fixed, you'll have to decide which template page is probably at fault based on when the warning shows up.

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Thanks for fast response.  It turned out to be the image selected for Pinterest when enabling the mod from the mange plugins in admin.  I disabled the mod and all is fine.  Seems the address for the Pinterest image was http not https.


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