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Issues backing up files through the admin panel (v6.0.6)

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I upgraded to v6.0.4 last month and since then i have not been able to back up the files through admin panel. Every back up produces the same results which is a 0.02KB file that is not packaged properly and can't be extracted.

I have just updated to v6.0.6 today and i am still getting the same issue. I know i can still back up through hosting but i used to use this feature all the time so i am not sure why it no longer works.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Just tried it, and i didn't work for me, either. Tried with and without Filemanager files, with and without Drop Tables and structure.

Well, not so sure now. I went back to delete the bad files, and now it shows as a 89MB file, where previously it showed 0. Will test some more.

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