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.htaccess file


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Am getting a 404 Error when clicking any product buy button.

Free Virtual Servers who host my website have taken a look and this is their response.

We have followed the below Cubecart knowledge-base and the .htaccess file doesn't redirecting properly.


Please contact the Cubecart support team and get back to us with the exact .htaccess file for the current version to resolve this issue permanently.

Has anyone else encountered this and have the answer.

Thanks in advance for your assistance


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That article:


has the answer.

What is does not have is advice on how to determine what web server (Apache, nginx, Litespeed, other) your site is running, and how to determine 100% if URL Rewriting is enabled.

Assuming Free Virtual Servers has implied that URL Rewriting will work for site's that they host, the next step is to implement the edit to add a RewriteBase directive to the .htaccess file.

Also, you didn't mention which specific version of CubeCart you are running, so I will assume the latest version: CubeCart 6.0.6

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FVS have already updated the .htaccess (/home/diamondbs/public_html/etawebstore.com/.htaccess) by following the link and the mod_rewrite has been already enabled in the server by default. However they need clarification regarding the .htaccess redirection. Presumably where they are redirecting it to. I am on version 6.0.6

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More specific information from FVS tech support
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