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Installing a test upgrade while keeping old site live

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Forgive me if this has been comprehensively answered elsewhere - and please point me at it if so:)

I am currently running a store with v3.0.20   It has quite a few mods.

I would like to install v6 as a test site and make modifications till I'm happy with it.

I'd like to keep the current version live until the new one is ready.

If it makes it easier for me I am happy to set up a new installation of v6 rather than upgrading. I prefer to have to add content than have to change lots of incompatible stuff.

Any advice welcome.






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Perfectly do-able.

Choose a place to upload the CC6 codebase. It could be a new domain, a sub-domain, a sub-folder in an existing domain.

In your hosting control panel, create a new database and create a new user (not with admin permissions) to use that database.

Run the CC6 setup. The user/pass of the newly created user is entered and CubeCart will use that to create the necessary tables in the newly created database.

Your CC3 code and database will be safe.

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I did that when testing the beta v6, and CC worked perfectly. But I did have problems keeping Google from crawling the test site, even though I did make an attempt to noindex it. What suggestions can be offered to help aye-ayeBooks and others avoid their test site being crawled?

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You would be much better off running an upgrade on a copy of your V3 store so you can see it with your images and data.  To do this so the following

1) Create a sub-directory called something like /V6test, copying you images folder into here along with your includes/global.inc.php file

2) Make a copy of the live V3 database and the create a new database user which has permissions to access that db only

3) Update the database name, db username and db password in the /V6test/includes/global.inc.php file

4) Upload full set of V6 files into the /V6test directory and run an upgrade 

5) Login into V6test admin store and check / amend the paths on the SSL tab 

The two best ways to stop search engines from indexing the test store are to firstly put the store into maintenance mode and then also add /V6test directory to your robots.txt file although the maintenance mode should stop this completely anyway.  Not creating a sitemap file will not stop search engines at all !


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If you use cPanel and installatron you should be able to clone your store then follow the instructions at https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/231/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v3-to-v6 to update it to V6

Thought that is what I said in more detail in my last post !

If the original copy of Cubecart was installed with Installatron then using the Clone feature in my opinion is much simpler than the detailed method you described especially if someone is not familiar with using databases as it sets everything up automatically. http://installatron.com/docs/websiteowner#clone



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