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Stop page reload at Checkout

red sun

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I have a CC v5.2.16 site where several customers have an issue with the checkout process. In some cases they have to click the "Checkout" button up to three times in order to proceed from the address page as they keep getting the "Address has been updated" message at the top of the page.

I tried setting "My delivery address is the same as my billing address" to checked by default to try to get round the issue (for most customers) but I still get the "Address has been updated" message every time I click the "Checkout" button, even if the address hasn't been updated. I even get the message if I revisit the page and don't touch the "My delivery address is the same as my billing address" check-box when clicking the "Checkout" button.

This is causing a bit of confusion. Is there any way to turn off just this one message so that the user is directed to the next stage of the checkout process (payment options) without a page refresh and "Address has been updated" message?

Many thanks...

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