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[Resolved] All products UNAVAILABLE


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Been having a few problems after upgrading from 6.04 to 6.06.

Trying to sort them out and I have obviously done something silly and now every product is showing as UNAVAILABLE - I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail. I know it's a database problem but as I am not an SQL expert (in fact not much of anything with SQL!) can anyone help please?

Affected shop is here




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It is probably the case that CC606 (vs CC604) the "Available for Purchase" setting in the Add/Edit Product screen is new. There is a database table column for this setting.

However, the setting must be enabled (the table column holding a value of "1") in order to be able to see the item.

If the database was not properly updated, this new column will not exist. CubeCart may treat this missing data item as a logical "0" (or false). Thus, the item is not available.

In admin, Dashboard, right after you log in, CubeCart will display a warning banner if the database schema version is not up to the same version as the code.

You can verify by examining the database directly (use phpMyAdmin, a tool in your hosting account's control panel), the CubeCart_inventory table, looking for a column that suggests 'available'.

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