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Urban Combo Skin Demo


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I have a new skin I have been working on that has just been added to the Extension Marketplace. You can change the skin at the bottom of the page to see all the variations and my other skin 'Lingerie' that is available for Free in the Marketplace as well. Hope you like

Not a live store! Do not try to order things...


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Yes, its very easy to change the backgrounds. Just name the image you want the same as the file in the folder and upload it over the stock image. The css coding will fill the whole page with the image no matter what the screen size but you do not want to use a picture that is too small as it will not look very good. Too big an image can take a long time to load the page.

This is not a foundation based skin so there is no equalizer. I do not care for the equalizer personally and that is why I cam up with this skin design. Most people use images that are all the same size anyways so it is not a problem for most.

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