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Importing group pricing and hidden prices for a group


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I'm sorry if this question has already been answered.  I've tried searching different terms to find topics relating to my question but have had no luck with an answer.  I have two questions about group pricing.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :D

1. I am hoping (and crossing my fingers!) that there is a way for me to import products via csv for each of my customer groups, or if there is a group price field I could add to the csv file (if that makes sense?).  I know that you can edit the price on products for certain groups within the admin.  However, I have quite a bit of products and need a lot of groups for each of my customer accounts. Basically each customer has different prices for different products, with no rhyme or reason when it comes to fixed discounts, so I plan on making a group for each customer account so I can upload their pricing when they create an account.  Customizing group pricing would be nearly impossible for me to do manually via admin product section with the amount of customers and products I have.   I've looked at possible extensions, but none seem to help me with my situation.  Any suggestions of an easier way around this or if an import option is available?

2. Part two of my question is that I am wondering if there is a way to hide prices for a specific group.  Currently prices are X-d out (hidden) unless you create an account.  And I really love that, but I'm hoping to create a group where prices are always X-d out even when logged in.


Thank you!!!

Amanda Rose

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2. Please see: https://www.semperfiwebservices.com/customer-group-products-and-categories-cc6.html
I do not know if by 'accessible' the product/category is completely hidden, or simply cannot buy.

1. Using a database utility such as phpMyAdmin (or the MySQL Workbench) that shows the table CubeCart_pricing_group in a spreadsheet format, you may be able to (relatively) quickly move through the table adding values and rows. You would need to be prepared with a list of customers and the group_id of their assigned group(s), and a list of your products with their product_ids.

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