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Having category H1 titles different from the category names


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When it comes to the category menu, at the moment the "category name" we give in the back end is used as the exact category name in the menu and as the H1 title. I need to give my category one name which is for the menu on the front end (usually short on purpose, one word or two at the most) and one for the H1 title, longer, with a keyword or two for SEO purposes.

For example, let's say, for the menu, category name = WOMEN with H1 title = Women's sports clothes.

Does anyone know how I could achieve that ?

Thank you.




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Hi Ian,

I already tried to change a few things in the Search Engines Setting tab under the category page and for a start when I amended the "Custom SEO URL Path", I got a 404 page even with the cache cleared ... My category name is already different to my meta tag title so no correlation here with the basic Foundation page that I am still using.

H1 and the Meta tag title are normally treated differently. I was not aware that with certain skins the two could be the same, interesting.



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Hi, The SEO on cubecart is not up to scratch. If you run "traffic Travis" it will tell you all the parts that are missing for the best SEO.  

As Sailing123 mentions H1 and the Meta tag title are normally treated differently. 

I would like to see the SEO tabs on all products, categories and other pages, such as gift certificates, login, register etc with tags for SEO. 

Meta Title
Custom SEO URL Path *
Meta Keywords
Meta Description etc
With the ability to add H1 and H2 tags also.
I would be pleased if this issue was raised with the cubecart team.
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"For the menu, category name = WOMEN. For the H1 title = Women's sports clothes."

Please try:

In the content.category.php template, near line 12:


<h2 style="display:none;">{$category.cat_name}</h2>
{* The above keeps the <h2> tag, but does not display it.
   Not known how or if this is seen by seo scanners. *}

The (short) category name will still appear everywhere else, such as menus.

When making a category, there is the opportunity to compose a category description. For the first line in that description, construct a superlative phrase that will impress the heck out of SEO scanners and assign Heading 1 from the drop-down Format selector to it.

Thus, there now exists a short category name for menus, etc, <H1> tag content for SEO scanners, and the meta keywords and meta description in the <head> section of the web page.

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