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Upgrading to 5.2.17


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I have 5.2.16 and I noticed that there is an upgrade available to 5.2.17

When I am in my admin control panel, the only upgrade the CP offers me is to Version 6. I am not entirely sure I want to jump to V6 yet. Why is there not an option to go to 5.2.17??

Also, more importantly, where are the instructions for manually upgrading to 5.2.17 and is there a changelog available? I would like to see what's new so that I can make sure my store isn't going to come crashing down!!!



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There is one file to change, as I understand it. Have you saved the 5.2.17 zip to your computer? Extract it and find the changed file and replace just that file. It's a js file (thinking of something else) if I remember correctly. I'll be back with the actual file name.

It's classes/admin.class.php

Then change the version number to 5.17 in ini.inc.php

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I have a client who has a 5.2.12 site who doesn't wish to spend much to do an upgrade but unless I do something his site will go down on 7th December when the Software Licence is switched off.  I've updated the classes/admin.class.php to the 5.2.17 version and the ini.inc.php  is this enough to keep his site running for a while longer please?

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CubeCart will report itself as the version specified in the ini.inc.php file. CubeCart will also compare that reported version with the version databased in the CubeCart_history table. The versions databased in this table is the sequence of the versions that the database has been upgraded through.

If the two versions do not match, CubeCart will complain.

However, realize that you didn't actually upgrade CubeCart to 5.2.17. So you know the codebase is still at 5.2.12 and therefore the database should be at 5.2.12 as well. The result is that your client may come across CubeCart's complaint about a version mismatch.

If your client already has a propensity to not believe you, then CubeCart's complaint may be yet still other fodder for the apparent less than ideal relationship you have with your client.

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