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This web page has a redirect loop (when viewing basket)


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I have a CCv5 website which has the dreaded "This web page has a redirect loop" message when adding a product from the product page to the basket and clicking 'View Basket'.

If I do a refresh the message remains, however if I do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) it loads and shows the basket contents as intended.

I have done my research on this message and I have read about local time changes and there is nothing wrong in my htaccess so I am stumped.

The website worked fine, this was upon backup and restore of the website.

I have tried multiple computers/browsers, cleared cookies, tried on phone, etc with same result.

Screenshot attached.


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Just an update on this to inform anyone interested that my host found an issue with CubeCart and their "Varnish Cache" which was enabled, once the website was removed from using this caching system it worked as intended.

I would be very interested to know more details if you can ask your hosting company for specifics ?  Varnish is a very good caching system but it's use needs to be programmed into an application and that has not been done for CubeCart and so cannot see how they could interact.  On top of that, I also cannot see why any issue between Varnish and CubeCart would create a redirect loop


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