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[Resolved] Delivery Notes/ Additional Comments not in admin or customer order emails


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Have recently updated from CC 3 to 5 - Found the "Delivery Notes or Additional Comments" from check-out are not being included in the admin and customer order emails like before (in V3) - we desperately need this.  Maybe I missed an admin setting?
They are showing in the Order Summery in the web site admin.


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So sounds like a crucial element was overlooked somewhere after v3 - unfortunate, especially since we paid for CC Lic - :wacko:
Well, we're not programers, which is why we use (bought) a cart web site system, but we could hack a fix if we had the wheres and whats  <_<

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I understand that when this information - when specifically having asked your customer to provide critical details regarding the order - is not plainly made available to you in the output you expect, it is disconcerting.

In your store's admin, Email Templates, click on the flag that represents the language your store primary displays for the Email Type of Admin: Order Received.

On the page that next is displayed, click the HTML Content tab. You will see the main body of the email contents sent to the admin. Scroll to the bottom of the email contents and click the mouse cursor under the table.

Type: {$DATA.customer_contents} {$DATA.customer_comments}

Then click the Plan Text Content tab and add the same on a new line at the bottom of the text contents.

Then scroll the browser window to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Please do not hesitate to mention if you need more detailed instructions.

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bsmither -
I think you meant  {$DATA.customer_comments} - worked like a charm!  :w00t:
I also added the code to the customer confirmation (Cart: Order Confirmed) templates; 
To wit I added " Customer Comments: {$DATA.customer_comments} "

That also answers a few other questions I was having too :rolleyes:

Spectacular - Thank you very much!

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