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Hi all,

I am just looking into reasons why my store sales are not as expected fo the time of year and decided to view my site www.matchattaxoutlet.co.uk in different browsers from a search for Match Attax Outlet, results are as follows;


Chrome: Everything looks ok and seems to work fine

Firefox: Layout issues

IE8: No page displayed


Can anyone help, i fear i may be losing sales because of this. TIA

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The store looks fine to me and exactly the same in all three browsers although you really should update IE8 !  You dont say what versions of each of the other two browsers you are testing in nor whether it is a problem on different sized screens ?  You appear to be running a changed version of Foundation which is responsive but to me it works well in all three at all screen sizes.  Have you tried using standard Foundation skin with the same browsers to see if you still have the same problems, in which case that would point to whatever changes you have made in combination with the browsers you are using


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