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problem posting articles on the mail administrator


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Hello, when a customer places an order, I get as an administrator me an email summarizing the customer's order.
Only the email I receive a missing part of the order (see photo)


in article, quantity and price of the first line there is nothing and the price is zero.

by cons in the control panel, the order is complete (see photo)


sorry for the first image but the email is larger than my screen and I have not been able to capture everything you show.

Thank you for your support


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In admin, Email Templates, click on the (French?) flag of the Admin: Order Received Email Type.

On the next screen, HTML Content tab, switch the editor to Source mode.

If you are good with HTML, you should be able to find and repair the table width (very large width) and the code that goes between:
{foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product} and {/foreach}

Or, you may choose to re-install the email templates. In admin, Email Templates, Import tab, choose fr-FR from the drop-down selector and click Save.

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