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Clearing Dashbord alert status CC 5


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To clear the Dashboard tabs' red status dots and not bother customers with needless emails - ?
Since upgrading CC 3 to 5 CC the admin Dashboard reads old orders we never bothered handling in CC 3 (did what we needed in PayPal) -
Using CC 5  we like to start marking orders when complete, but our CC 5  'Unsettled Orders' tab shows 340 old orders pending which we'd like to clear (a shame that CC 5 is not tracking those old orders for reporting)
Like to clear the red dot, but just thinking we don't really want the system to email past customers that their old past orders are complete - (Customers can get so easily confused :blink:  )

Now I read a thread where Al Brookbanks says enabling  "Don't check skipped order processing email" will not send an email to customers going from Pending to Complete - True? So could this be turned on to clear the Unsettled Orders tab, then turned back off to go forward emailing customers that the order is 'Complete'? - We just like the confirmation coming from us as a backup to PayPal's 'Order Shipped' emails :rolleyes:

Also like clear the pending reviews tab red dot alert without deleting pending reviews -  ?

Thanks - :daisy:

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Enabling  "Don't check skipped order processing email" will not send an email to customers when their order goes from Pending to Complete. That is true. (But make a small test first.)

Disabling that setting is equivalent to, "When moving an order directly from Pending to Complete, that is, skipping the Processing step, check to make sure that this order did, in fact, go through the Processing step at some time in the past and if it hadn't, move the order to Processing so that an appropriate email(s) can be sent out, then finish with moving the order to Complete."

(An admin is able to move an order to any arbitrary status at any time.)

Do you want to keep reviews in the Pending state, but just not see the red dot? We can edit the skin to remove the red dot. Or do you want to not delete the review, but not have the review enabled (that is, hidden) such that it does not appear on the Product Details page, nor does it contribute to the overall review score of the product?

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I've had a test customer for a while to test stuff - always a good idea ;)

I'll have to note the order status when looking at the old orders - good point!
Most of these old completed orders are set to "Processing" and we'd  like to set them to "Complete" -
So question is: Will that send an (unwarrented) email to customers and can that be temporally avoided?
- What is the "triggering mechanism" that send those customer notification emails?
I'll have to test the process and/or maybe look at editing the DB (?)

Q: Will CC 5 not see those past CC 3 orders for reporting?
- maybe I need to do some DB maintenance since upgrading from CC 3 ?

On the reviews - I find it slim spam-bots are leaving the "incoherent" reviews we're getting.
Not so much concerned with product ratings from the reviews, they'll never be published on the site, these nutty reviews aren't rating the product, just stupid and mindless comments.
Been using CC since near 1st version, it's been great - We're just testing the review feature to see if like having it on. We've been around a while, so we expect Internet foolishness. Just looking to track the activity and have available what info we can until we decide what to do  - We'll just hang on to them for now.


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"Will that send an (unwarrented) [Order Completed] email to customers and can that be temporally avoided?"

Yes, it will send the Cart: Order Complete email. There is no setting to generally 'disable' the emailing function. But there may be a trick or two to try to make it fail. Edit the template that would get sent and empty the Subject field. The Mailer will not send if there is no Subject (I think). Or, edit the Email settings in Store Settings and empty the SMTP Host field (if using SMTP).

There is code in the Order class that will send emails when an order enters a given state.

You can certainly work outside of CubeCart (using phpMyAdmin, for example, to edit the database directly) and set the status of older orders to '3' (Complete).

Only if an order in the CubeCart_order_summary table has a status of '1' or '2' or has a value of '1' in the 'dashboard' column (admin can set this to keep this order on the dashboard regardless of its state.)


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