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404 in Basket Iframe when adding from category view


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Category list has a custom URL of this format:


When adding to basket the whole side column fills with a formatted store page and a 404 error

When inspecting the page source the form submission is to the wrong URL like this:


Store version is currently v6.0.8

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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In CC608, I think this could happen if there is a mismatch between what the Store Settings, SSL tab has for the store's Normal URL and where the store actually is.

There will be a problem if /custom-name/ contains any of a few key words. But if this effect happens for all products where /custom-name/ is very different for each category, then we need to look elsewhere.

CubeCart is supposed to return just the rendered HTML derived from the template box.basket.php. But, if something goes wrong with finding the seo_path of the category, product, or document, CubeCart sends back an entire page.

So, we need to discover what CubeCart doesn't like about the SEO path for the category 40-45.

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"custom-name" doesn’t contain any special words that are likely to affect processing.

I have just tested with a different category that ends with /phrase.html and that is affected in the same way, so it affects numbers and letters for the page name

I think this is a URL nesting issue, the custom URL has a path that is longer than just a page name, and the form script is not pulling in the full custom URL

For clarification I use the URL structure of /category/product.html so that Google sees them as a distinct directory, and it helps with SEO (which is the whole point of having a custom URL).

This only appears to be an issue in category list view.

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kurouto/templates/content.category.php - line 40

{if isset($PRODUCTS)}
  {foreach from=$PRODUCTS item=product}
<form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" class="addForm">


classes/gui.class.php - line 203

       //Assign common GUI parts
        $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('VAL_SELF',        currentPage());


Maybe gui.class.php is out of date? - line 13 says...

 * CubeCart is NOT Open Source.

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