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[Resolved] Upgrading Cubecart 3

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I have a client who has over a thousand products on a Cubecart Version 3.0.20 He really should have the latest Cubecart Version 6.0.8 however the thought of putting all the products on again isn't a job that either my client nor myself really relishes the thought of doing.  Is there any simple way of moving the products from the 3.0.20 Cubecart into a 6.0.8 Cubecart?  Also what files were different in the 3.0.21 version compared to the 3.0.20 version and are there any benefits to updating these files?

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Make a backup, of course.

Functionality from customizations and mods implemented in CC3 will not carry over to CubeCart 6.

Be sure to follow the upgrade procedure detailed in the appropriate Knowledgebase article. Everything in the database will be managed appropriately.

The difference between CC3.0.20 and 3.0.21 is the change of license, and perhaps the removal of the (Powered by CubeCart) indications. (I am confident) no actual functionality changed.

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