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Paste function?


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Hello, newbie to cubecart.

I am having trouble pasting into any editor box.  I can paste a module code into the appropriate code box, but in documents or products I cannot paste into the description or content boxes. 

Any ideas?

Used both firefox and explorer.  Windows 7 pro, latest version of cubecart.  Is there a text editor that I need to turn on?


Thank you.

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Welcome ddub! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

CubeCart uses the standard textarea box (rather plain looking) for some things, and for others there is a CKEditor javascript app that turns a textarea into a "rich-text" (WYSIWYG) editor - RTE - with fancy toolbar sets of buttons.

Now, if the editor that shows is a plain textarea box (similar to Coupons, Add Coupon, Description box), then javascript has crashed and has possibly left the plain textarea box in a half-morphed state. Thus attempting to paste (using any method) may not show anything.

Assuming you see the RTE to compose product descriptions, there was a problem some time ago about allowing javascript access to the operating system's clipboard. Specifically, the mouse's right-click-paste-from context-menu. Apparently, keyboard shortcuts still work (CTRL-V but not SHFT-INS). It seems this disallowance was instituted in all browsers as a security measure.

You might try using the RTE toolbar Paste button.

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