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Clone Shipping Per Category Module


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Hi Guys,

How can I clone shipping per category module?
I find this module works perfectly for me however this mean I can only offer 1 option of shipping which is 'Regular Post' and I would like to be able to also offer 'Express Post'.
So I'm hoping to clone it and just call it 'Express Post'.
I've done it long time ago with older version of Cubecart (can't remember exactly which version) and I'm currently using the latest v6.0.8 and have tried to do it again but it doesn't work.
Can anyone maybe kindly guide me please?

Many Thanks,

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Normally, it would be easy to clone a shipping module.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of shipping modules that are instantiated in a manner not consistent with all the other modules: Per Category (and maybe one other which I cannot recall at the moment).

Due to that, more would be needed to create an additional 'per-category' type of shipping module.

I'm not saying it cannot be done.


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I am using all in one shipping and arranged item by weight. I have set option for collection, free post, second class and first class and it allow to add more. I don't know if it help you. my site is http://www.noshahitech.co.uk/. I don't know if I am allow to post my website, if not allow I can edit my post and remove.

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