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As we move into 2016 I would like to Thank some people that immediately come to mind for your help, advice and assistance to me in getting my CubeCart store working and overcoming the hiccups I had.

If I don't mention you, it is **not** a slight. I know I will miss some.

First is Al Brookbanks - without him we would not have CubeCart.:clap2:

Next is Bsmither - I've always received excellent advice, and really appreciate his "stick-to-it-ness" in getting issues resolved.

Next is Dirty Butter - Who's replies have been very helpful

Havenswift-hosting - Who's replies have been very helpful

And finally

Geotex - who has given me tremendous support, and helped with numerous issues, the move over to different hosting, and much, much more. Geotex was the one who first told me about CubeCart.

So Thank You All,


Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, and a Very Happy and Successful 2016!

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Thats really kind of you to take the time and post your appreciation. I'd like to thank you too for your support, wish you a very merry Christmas and all the very best in 2016. Oh and I'd like to thank all those members too for being such a wonderful support this year.


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