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"IF they show up in the admin page they come up with Blank white screens."

You are saying that an installed skin, one that is included in the drop-down selector in admin, Store settings (thus, recognized by CubeCart), when selected, then when asking for a page from the storefront, only gets you a blank white screen.

We would like to know what is in the PHP error log when that happens. In admin, enable debugging (Store Settings, Advanced tab, and also enter your IP address - www.whatismyip.com).

"Most of them don't show in the admin page.  Is there a maximum number of skins I can upload?"

If CubeCart does not recognize a new skin in the /skins/ folder, please make sure the new skin's folder has a config.xml file that looks like the config.xml file in Foundation. The code suggests there is no maximum limit to the number of skins that CubeCart will recognize and enumerate.

"What am I doing wrong....."

Adding skins is incredibly not-complicated. So, what may be happening could only be caused by some fundamental misunderstanding about something. Perhaps the skin requires ionCube, or perhaps the skin is actually for CubeCart 3 or 4.


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