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Checkout/View Basket = HTTP 500 Internal Error

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Yesterday, the error log was reflecting that there were no "cubecart_category_language" did not exist. So, I went ahead and did a fresh install of the Cart. It worked fine all day yesterday.

This morning I tried it again and it gave me the same error. The same error was across all browsers (IE, Google, Firefox).

If do not think it is something to do with the hosting company because the cart was working fine yesterday. The error log is not reflecting anything of substance.

Do you have any more suggestions?

Thank you.

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"cubecart_category_language" is a table in the database - there is no way that CubeCart (or any other process) should be removing a table from the database - are you able to confirm that this table has been removed which is what that message is inferring.

The suggestion of speaking to your hosting company is still valid and should be done.

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