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Upgrading from V6.0.8 - V6.0.10


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I am having to carry out a manual upgrade which I have never carried out before.

Is it a simple case of doing a file compare and uploading the files which have changed (amending them if necessary with your custom changes) or is there something more complicated I am missing?

Thanks and regards.

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CubeCart's upgrade process is "whole-cloth", meaning the upgrade process overwrites every existing stock file. If you have made changes to any stock file, take note of them in an external journal so that you may re-apply them when the upgrade overwrites the existing file.

Any new files and database contents are not affected. This includes folders in the /modules/ folder as there are no modules shipped with Cubecart 6.

The Foundation skin folder will be overwritten.

It is possible to upload only the changed files after a manual comparison. But be sure to check the /setup/scripts/upgrade/ folder and /setup/db/upgrade/ folder for any version specific folder and schema changes.

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