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I have Croatian Language But


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I have managed to translate and make a Croatian language pack but its not working. So when I select the language on my page no change happens, I have followed installation instructions and cant find the last part. What am i missing. I have included .xml files at the bottom of the page

I also went to Import/Export Email Contents  as well and did that part



screenshot-diamondpowder.net 2016-01-24 16-16-56.jpg

Files that I edited and converted



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In email_cr-HR.xml, please make this edit:

Line 13 -- From:
<emails version="2.0" language="en-GB">
<emails version="2.0" language="cr-HR">

The file cr-HR.xml seems to have only 33 lines. Maybe you uploaded the very first draft? You will want to create a file that looks like es-ES.xml.

We commend you on this effort to create a new language pack.

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Yep did that and nothing.. It works only if I change it in Admin but I will look into creating new pack. Thank again bud

Its to bad that I dont have this es-ES.xml. in english  this is going to take me long time :)

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