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[Resolved] Template set width set to full


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We can help best if we can access your site.

I'm going to say Minimalizer is based on Foundation. That means Minimalizer is "responsive and will be as wide as the screen - up to a point.

Ugh! Ignore what follows.


In foundation.css, you will disciiover the widths of the various named sizes -- based on the width of the capitol letter M of the font being used.

Let's look at the template main.php:

Line 59:
<div class="small-5 medium-4 large-3 columns">

We note that the largest width being used is 'large'. In foundation.css, line 36, large is defined as 64 M's. You can try replacing "width: 64.063em;" with "min-width: 64.063em;".


Try this:

There is probably a CSS rule in foundation.css named .row. which is set to max-width: 62.5em;. You can override that by adding a rule in cubecart.default.css.

.row { max-width: 500em; }

Be advised that everything will scale up accordingly.

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