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countdown before you can buy a novelty


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excuse me for my bad english. Is it possible to have an account countdown plugin to upload an item? example I would like to release a new product that needs to be available in 30, 10 or 15 days. it would when the customer clicks on the item to see details show whether an account has rebour kind item for sale in 15 days, then 14, 13, 12 etc then 24h, 23h, 22h..15mn..14mn etc., etc.
then once the time the check arrived add to cart functions.

in the plugin it
should to the Checkout date or hour. and an option to Pre-order item before the account countdown.

thank you

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how to put an item on sale, like ebay daily deal and that item has time to end sale. if i list an item for 24 hrs sale it ends after 24 hrs. or after 24 hrs it is out of stock or not available. item show count down time to end

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I understand. I was working with another CubeCart store owner who wanted a "Daily Freebie" on items. I couldn't get that figured out 100% because an item that is "Free" is at zero-cost. But an item that has a sale-cost of zero is not really considered "on sale".

That person wanted to convert a CC4 mod (Time Limited Sale Price by MarksCarts and Convict, cc3.biz) to work on CC5. I don't see that mod listed at CC3.BIZ anymore.

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