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Send a message to single customer


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This has been a drag and cant understand why we cant have a simple plugin where we can send a message to a single customer and have the message display in his profile. Also customer able to delete message after reading it.

Something simple like from Admin CP find a User and have a box where we type info and it gets displayed in his profile.


Is this hard to make?

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"cant understand why we cant have a simple plugin"

However you came to understand this difficulty, it is not true. There can be a simple plugin. Perhaps no one has had a need for one as yet.

You are able to post a note to an order -- the customer will see the note (it is NOT prominently displayed) when reviewing the order in their Account, Order History page.

There is a mod that will add a number of places within the Administration pages where the admin can send off an email to the customer.

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