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Software License System Switched Off

Al Brookbanks

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Having made numerous announcements via various channels since June 2015 our software license server has now been switched off.

This means that soon (if not already) the admin panel of your store will cease to function if;

  • your store is powered by CubeCart 5.2.14 or below and still hasn't been patched via option 2 below.
  • your store is powered by CubeCart 4.4.7 or below and still hasn't been patched via option 2 below.

CubeCart version 6 and version 3 are unaffected by the server switch off.

How can I tell which version I have?
This can be found in the ini.inc.php file in the root of your store file structure or in the dashboard section of your admin control panel if you can still access it.

There are two options available if the admin panel to your store has become locked out.

Option 1:
Upgrade to the latest build of version 6 (recommended), version 5 or version 4. Please find instructions on our helpdesk. The latest versions are all open source and do not call home to validate a software license key.

Option 2:
Download the latest build of the current major version you are on (4.4.8 or 5.2.17) and replace the admin.php file (found in the store's root folder) with the one from the newer package. This will bypass the software license system and your current store will continue to operate exactly as it was before.

All versions of CubeCart can be downloaded here: https://www.cubecart.com/download

How can I check that my store is no longer calling home?
Via your web hosting control panel or using an FTP client please delete the includes/extra/key.php file if it exists. Please then attempt to login to the admin side of your store. If it works then great, your store is independent and no further action is required. If you get a software license key error message your store is still trying to validate against our server and either option 1 or option 2 will need to be actioned.

We have done our very best to communicate this to all our clients over the last seven months via numerous channels. We are sincerely very sorry if you had not seen any of our notifications and your store admin panel has become locked out. At the time of writing this traffic to our license server has significantly dropped and few stores should be affected.

Can someone fix this for me?
Anyone with basic web master skills should be able to patch your store via option 2 above in just a few minutes. Our staff can provide assistance if you have either of the following:

  • Legacy Technical Support Credits
    If you login or register at https://support.cubecart.com with the email address used to originally purchase your CubeCart version 4/5 software license key any existing credits on your account can be used.
  • A monthly/annual technical support subscription.

More information about our technical support packages can be found at https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support

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