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Add a wordpress blog to homepage


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I am trying to find a way to integrate the latest "blog" posting into the homepage of my cubecart store. I use wordpress as a separate entity for users to read updates, however, there are some important updates such as shipping delays, etc. that I would like to add to the blog and display on the homepage of the store. I didn't see any plugins or anything that would allow this, does anyone else have something like this on their site??

I do not want to update my homepage doc for cubecart all the time.



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Let us know if there is a Wordpress plugin that creates an RSS feed of blog posts.

If so, then maybe there are mods to show RSS feeds on CubeCart:

Tweaking either of these should do it.

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We have recently completed a plugin that uses the WordPress WP-CLI API to retrieve blog posts (and also testimonial information) and make that information available as Smarty variables so the information can be displayed within CubeCart.  This is exactly what you are trying to do.

Take a look at https://www.ropesdirect.co.uk and towards the bottom of the homepage you will see a slideshow which displays a number of randomly selected testimonials entered and stored within the WP database and then below that are the last four blog posts along with the featured image.

The plugin is so new that I haven't even added a proper description for it on our website https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk/clients/cart.php?gid=19 and it isn't yet available via the Extension Marketplace.  Also be aware that this isn't a simple plugin where you just install it and it magically creates the display for you - it provides the information as Smarty variables that can then be used within your skin however you want but you will need some skin coding skills or get us / another developer to do this for you - the cost of the plugin does not include this !


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5 minutes ago, ayz1 said:

Not tried it but would this be what you are looking for http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2012/display-your-wordpress-recent-posts-on-a-static-page

That post is over four years old and doesn't use the WP-CLI API which is now the WordPress supported method for extracting data (and a whole load of other uses) from WordPress

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