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[Resolved] Pop up window appearing for admin login?


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I've just tried to login to the admin area and all of a sudden I'm getting this pop-up window which I've not seen before. Any suggestions?



Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 11.40.54.png

And then this:

Screen shot 2016-03-05 at 11.42.17.png

I've just checked the server anbd it looks like I've been hacked - I see a folder called pcao which lits a wig site an=mongs the php code. How do I remove these files safely, and how did they get there?

There's also a new "default0.php" file. I'm worried - can anybody please help?

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That window is your browser's version of a login dialog (that is, a different browser or different operating system will have the same window but the style will be different) for "Basic Authentication".

"Basic Authentication" is triggered by the site's web server when the site contains directives in the .htaccess file to allow access by User:Pass pairs found in a file called .htpasswd.

So, look at your .htaccess file and remove any directive that mentions "BasicAuth".

There are other steps you need to take. Please review the forum News and Announcements for a security upgrade.

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Thanks - can I just upload a newer version over the old installation?

Is there only one .ht access file I should be checking, in the root folder?


edit - It seems I have two in the admin folder: .htaccess and .htaccess1

And they're both the same.

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Upgrading CubeCart is that simple, but there are two follow-up steps: running the setup script so that CubeCart can update the database, and you manually incorporating any changes to a custom skin if you use a custom skin.

But right now, look in CubeCart's admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, and delete any snippet you do not recognize.

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Please access your hosting account's control panel (Cpanel?). There you can get direct access to the database.

Using a database utility such as phpMyAdmin, browse the contents of CubeCart_admin_users. Delete all admins you do not recognize, but keep the record where 'admin_id' = '1'.

For that record, make sure the email address is yours.

Then visit the CubeCart_code_snippet table. Delete any snippets you do not recognize.

Then, try to use CubeCart's "Forgot Password" to get access to your admin.

Using "BasicAuth" to access web sites isn't used anymore. So that's probably why you have never seen that dialog window before.

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Correct, the dialog window has nothing to do with CubeCart. It is from the web server.

Access your hosting site's control panel (Cpanel?), or by using FTP, look in the /admin folder.

Look for a .htaccess file and possibly a .htpasswd file and remove them. There is no need for this file to exist in the /admin folder.

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