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Foundation skin - changing colours?


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I made the change from Blueprint to Foundation when v6 was new. I am certainly not someone who does such things easily, but I managed to get what I think is a good approximation of our old pages.

Most of the changes are just color changes, but making the mental change from 12 columns in Blueprint to the column system in Foundation takes a little getting used to.

Take a look at our plushcatalog. You will probably want SemperFiWebServices' Vertical Navigation plugin and perhaps his Site Document Manager mod.

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Make a copy of Foundation with your own folder naming. Edit the config.xml file something like mine:

	<uid>[email protected]</uid>
	<display><![CDATA[MY Blue]]></display>

That will give you a way to play, and when you are satisfied with it, your changes on your skin will NOT be over-written by a CC upgrade. All you would need to do is compare the current version's Foundation files with the upgraded version and adjust YOUR skin code accordingly - so far those have been fairly minor tweaks that were no big deal.

PM me if you want to, and I'll email you my main.php and content.homepage.php files - probably where the most drastic changes are.

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Having made a copy of the /foundation/ folder using a new name (maybe /vidmarc1/), create a file in the /css/ folder named cubecart.child_name.css where child_name might be something like party_time. There is already a file named cubecart.default.css where you can apply some custom styling to the standard skin.

Having told CubeCart to use the Vidmarc1::party_time theme, CubeCart uses the cubecart.party_time.css file for the specific stylings.

Next, in the folder /images/, create a folder named /party_time/. In the /party_time/ folder, create a folder named /logo/. In /logo/, copy the default.png file from /images/common/logo/. In /images/party_time/, place any background and foreground images you want your child theme to have.

Next, in the skin's config.xml file, carefully study the commented section that shows a child-theme. Make a copy of that <style> node for party_time.

Finally, clear the cache so that CubeCart can re-enumerate the skins and each skin's config file.

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When I first started playing with the Blueprint/Foundation change - I went to ZURB and downloaded the CUSTOM Foundation skin, so I could input ALL my color scheme codes before the download. That saved me a lot of time when I created my own version of foundation that I named Blue. If you choose to do that as well, be sure you get the v5.5.1 Foundation.

As for software, I use BeyondCompare3 to load original vs my version of files - but I'm on a PC. There should be file difference software for Mac.

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Thanks for the help - do you know what the background and main text colour are? All I see at Zurb is:

Primary Color
# 2ba6cb
Secondary Color
# e9e9e9
Alert Color
# c60f13
Success Color
# 5da423
Warning Color
# ffae00
Body Font Color
# 222222
Header Font Color
# 222222
Are all the other setting best left as is?
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I made a few other changes after actually seeing what it looked like, but I left a lot of the odds and ends stuff in stock colors. Use FF Developer (wrench on menu) to Inspect Elements on your page to see where a given color is in the code, then you can change individually as needed.

Plushcatalog has an off white background, but estates has an image background.

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