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Kurouto 2 columns only?


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Here are few plugins that give specific info in a side box. The single task that must be done to use these plugins is to copy the HTML of an existing sidebox to be used for the new sidebox.



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The templates use {$PLACEHOLDERS} for phrases that will appear in their place, after the templates are rendered and populated with the data.

In CubeCart's admin, Languages, click the Edit icon for the language(s) you are using, explore the various groups of phrases shown in the drop-down, and choose the group that has the phrase you want. In just a few seconds, a list of the relevant phrases will show.

For example, the "Shop by Category" title appears in the template box.navigation.php. The placeholder is {$LANG.navigation.title}, which when viewing the Navigation group of phrases, you will find the phrase with the key "title".

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