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Moving from /store/ to Root directory


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So, when my store was installed some years ago it was a different time.... now I am wondering if I could EASILY move my store from it's /store/ directory to the root directory without issue??

Is there a write up on this somewhere? I couldn't find one if there is. If it requires database changes and all that reconfiguring it is not worth it in my opinion. I will need to just create some sort of redirect to point to the /store/ directory, but I'd really rather avoid that.


Any help is appreciated.

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I do this all the time. 

You can literally just move it. Then;

1. In the SSL tab of store settings make sure the paths are right (even if SSL is off)
2. Edit the .htaccess file to make sure the paths are correct for 404 and RewriteBase
3. Clear the cache
4. Optionally add some rewrite code to get bookmarks updated like below with permanent 301 header. 

RedirectMatch 301 /store/(.*) /$1


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I do not see the subfolder in the .htaccess file. This is why I was concerned and I am also getting an error now when trying to use the backup utility in the admin.

Backup is failing and it's sending me to a 404 page - page not found that is essentially in my store front, it's not bouncing back to the admin page at all.

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The 404 page that is essentially your storefront is from the 404 directive in the .htaccess file.

We would like to see the entries in the web access log. The web access log should be available in your hosting account control panel.

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