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Edit ship price display

Claudia M

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How can I remove the ( ) around the shipping product, ex.  ($7.51) USPS: First Class,  in the dropdown menu on the checkout page for the shipping price options.  I'd also like to put another space between the price and shipping product.  And how can I change the blue color of the hover when looking at the dropdown shipping price options.

Thanks for any and all help,


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Unfortunately, this is considered a display design aspect, yet the format is hard-coded in a core code file.

In CC6011, the parentheses should be appearing around the description, not the value. The blue background bar is a browser style choice - and cannot be over-ridden. Other solutions involve making a regular list of it and then using some javascript gadgets to make the list appear similar to a drop-down.

In the file /classes/cubecart.class.php, lines 1622 and 1623:

	$data['name'] = empty($data['name']) ? '' : ' ('.$data['name'].')';
	$data['desc'] = empty($data['desc']) ? '' : ' ('.$data['desc'].')';

Change to:
	$data['name'] = empty($data['name']) ? '' : '  '.$data['name'].' ';
	$data['desc'] = empty($data['desc']) ? '' : '  '.$data['desc'].' ';


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