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Best shipping option for multiple items


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I have used the ship by weight for some time because I could never set up a better way.

A sell vinyl stickers and most of the time they will fit into a #10 business envelope I can place in my mail box with a stamp. Problem is if someone buys a 2 stickers the customer gets hit with way to much shipping. Last I remember the USPS module would not recognize a letter that is a couple ounces or maybe it was nothing under 1/4 inch thick.

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I see the best shipping option is to use the All-in-One.

Have a per-item charge of a First Class Letter stamp. Send each sticker in a separate #10 envelope.

But then also have a weight-based choice if the total weight goes above 8oz, for example. Then ship in a bulk 6x9 envelope.


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Not with the module. There is a wiki page. On every admin page, at the upper-right corner, a Help link will show a pop-up with context-relative help.

I do not know what is there -- plus the fact, as of recently, the wiki is offline. The CubeCart people is fixing some sort of security vulnerability with it.

Also, in the module's General tab, there is a Debug (verbose) that will fully explain how each shipping rate was determined. This report will appear during the checkout process.

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I use the All-In-One and installed a few months ago.  It is pretty easy to use.  

1.  Install the plug in.

2.  On the general tab, choose the type of shipping you want to use, such as weight based (which is what I use).

3.  Go to the shipping zones and I add  the zones you want to use.  This is very straight forward - just name your zone, and select the countries (or states) you want the zone to be.  In your case, you would create a United States zone and add all the states you want to add. 

4.  This will create a tab for the zone.  On the tab for the zone, enter your weight ranges.  Based on what you have written, you only need 1 range:   0 to whatever.  The rate will be .485 per ounce.  I believe there is a thickness limit, so you need to keep that in mind when calculating your rates.  So, if you figure out that you can send 10 stickers in an envelope, then you would make your weight for your products 1/10th of an ounce (.01 or it might be .00625 if you are measuring by the pound).

Test and experiment with it too.  

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