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[Resolved] Ck Editor suddenly won't let me edit products

Claudia M

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I was editing some products today and all was fine.  Suddenly I go to edit a product (clicked the edit box in admin) and the page won't load.  Totally blank.  The page address is in the browser address bar - just won't load.I tried clearly the cache and hard clearing the browser CTL + F5 - nothing

Thanks in advance,


Well,  it suddenly started working again.  Sorry for the bother. Anyone know what might have caused this?

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In almost every case, if it just suddently stops working -- blame your hosting provider. In almost all of the remaining cases, blame your home Internet Service Provider.

The very last, single remaining case, then yes, blame your computer.

CubeCart has one known flaw, but it doesn't cause a 500ISE (blank white page).

So, perhaps your hosting provider was updating some aspect of your hosting environment: the web server, the PHP version, etc.

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