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[Resolved] Doubling weight in cart


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When selecting a product weighing 0.75 when it goes to the cart it shows weight 1.50. It appears to be happening in one category, all products in which are programmed in options (because the customer has to  select a size) to weight 0.75. I've checked the option for each product in the category and the weight is correctly inserted.

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2 minutes ago, bsmither said:

I would be suspicious if it is just one category -- perhaps there is a shipping module enabled that uses "By Category" considerations, plus some sort of standard packaging weight.

It is just one category. I checked a product in another cat with the same weight (0.75)

9 minutes ago, Dirty Butter said:

I don't use Options, so take my comment with a grain of salt. But it "sounds" like you have 0.75 set as the weight of the item, and then have an additional weight shown for each option, as if to say the XL shirt would weigh more to ship than the Small one.

I created another (test) category and put a product in it and the cart still doubled the weight

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I too have just spent a happy hour with this issue and can confirm that indeed what is happening is that any weight that is defined in "product options" is ADDED to the product's base weight defined in  "product details."

Might I respectfully suggest that the wording in "product options" is amended to emphasise that any weight figures entered therein are added to the defined base weight,  it currently simply says "weight" whereas "additional weight" would be more accurate.


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