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This Page Can't be Displayed issue


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This problem is only happening when I try to edit a product.  I can maneuver around cube cart, log in, do other tasks etc.  Then I try to edit a product and the browser kind of sits there for a while and then the "This page can't be displayed" error message pops up.  Once this happens, I can't use this browser to do this task ever again.

This has gradually happened on two computers, at first it was Fire Fox, then when that started having this issue, I moved to IE.  It worked for awhile (days) but then IE started the same issue.


Second computer, both fire fox and IE worked so I figured it was something to do with computer1.  Computer 1 is on it's last legs so it is believable.

Started using Fire Fox on computer 2, then all of a sudden I started getting the "this page can't be displayed" error message again.

Moved to IE.  Worked fine.  Than all of a sudden the same issue (same day).

Windows 7 professional on both computers  Fire Fox and IE are both updated.  I have rebooted the computers multiple times.  I have disconnected the power.  Nothing has helped.

I need to be able to edit some pictures.  I only have one more computer!  LOL

Any ideas?  Thank you in advance.

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Major weirdness! A "page cannot be displayed" message may be your site's web server's way of announcing an Internal Server Error (500ISE).

Generally, when that happens, a security application on the web server is not liking what is being sent to the site. Something about the words in the description, or the size of image(s) being uploaded. Or PHP that runs CubeCart is crashing.

But that shouldn't spoil a web browser. But if browsers are getting spoiled, maybe deleting any cookies that come from your site may help.

I would like to see this browser spoiler. Is there a web address we can look at?

When you say "edit pictures", do you mean to assign different images to a product, or actually using the image cropper tool? (I've never used the image cropper tool, myself.)

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I just tried my laptop and the same thing.

Edit the assigned pictures to the product.

I will pm you info.

Well I deleted cookies for firefox on computer one and I am able to get into a product. 

I will keep you posted.

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