Marketplace skin demo preview issue

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Can someone take a look at the skin demo preview on the extension marketplace.

I have noticed that the JavaScript on our skin demo breaks when being viewed via the CubeCart marketplace preview (works fine everywhere else), this error seems to be in relation to the iframe which is being used for the demo preview window.

If you go to the direct link of the demo there are no console errors. If you do this via the marketplace preview link you get the attached errors.

I have also looked at this for a few other skins published by other developers and similar console errors occur.

On a side note but equally as important if you try the marketplace preview on an actual mobile device (rather than resizing your desktop browser) the media queries a lot of these skins are using aren't kicking in, again if you go to the direct URL to the skins they work fine. So marketplace customers aren't getting a true demo of the responsive functionality of the skins for sale.

If you need any further information please let me know.


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This is correct. For security reasons CubeCart has a header on line 16 of the index.php file.

header('X-Frame-Options: SAME-ORIGIN'); // do not allow iframes

When I tested the preview feature on the marketplace I used our demo store which has the same top level domain so didn't encounter this problem. 

It will work if that line of code is removed. 

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