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Australian Tax Settings G.S.T.


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Hi, can anyone please help explain how to set-up a Cube Cart V6.011 store to meet Australian tax (G.S.T.) requirements?

Initially tax is included in the product, but during checkout the component of G.S.T (10%) should be shown and not added to the grand total.

Product costs $10.00 (inclusive of GST)

Postage costs $6.50 (inclusive of GST)

GST\Tax: $1.65 (G.S.T. Component) not added to the total, but displayed as the breakdown of GST\Tax)

Total cost of item including GST is $16.50

Can anyone please shed some light on this, I'm tearing my hair out :(

Thank you in advance

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Unlike other countries Australians have been duped into not adding tax to the price but including tax in the price.

First of all set up your cart as per the image and enable.

The only way I can see around this is to reduce all your prices to the tax free price and let the 10% be added or ask if there is some code you can add to present the 10% GST as an additional line on your receipts.



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Hi, Harrisorganic, thanks for your suggestion will give it a try soon :).  After a bit of further digging through the forums I have come across this post (link below) which seems to solve the issue correctly but was coded for an older version V3 or 4 I think? Would be great to possibly get this converted to the current version.

Thanks once again....

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Checked Add/Edit Product, Pricing tab, and Tax is Included .

result below:


and the order inventory shows no tax.:

Would be good to have the GST displayed in the inventory and the receipt.

Since version 3 or 4, the files mentioned above are included somewhere else. There is no cart.inc.php in the includes folder.




Here is the order receipt


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I did a little more research with fresh eyes. This is what I found:

The tax rules above are missing the "Tax Details", see new rules below. Now I get the tax added to the total as per our Anonymous27 user, where as we require the 10% being part of the total. ie 1/11th of the total.



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