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how to set up tax


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hello everybody

How to set up tax for europe and no tax outside europe , my products have standard tax as displayed in the store, but for outside europe customers i would like to have the invoice .. without the sales (vat) tax , i am carefull as i once have screwed it up and had to reprice all goods ... lots of work, but that was cc4 

how to proceed  ? can not find any hints on this subject

Now it is not working have in the tax tab 21% for europe and 0% for outside europe countrys  , the products have standard tax and tax included in the price 

any hints are welcome 

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Which country are you in ? I assume that you are in an EU country and registered for VAT in that country.  If so then you will need to setup each country within the EU using that VAT rate for that country - see http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/resources/documents/taxation/vat/how_vat_works/rates/vat_rates_en.pdf or alternatively http://www.vatlive.com/vat-rates/european-vat-rates/eu-vat-rates/ for details.  For most countries / products you will be able to use the Standard rate for that country.  You have to hold product pricing excluding VAT (not including as you have done) so that when products are added to the basket, the correct rate of tax is added based on the customer's address.  There are then a couple of great plugins you can add to help with European VAT




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yes we are in the Netherlands , and yes we have to display our prices including tax ,ever sale is in europe with dutch tax , outside europe union no tax  so his is a bit difficult as the prices then are show in the shop  without tax .. and this is not allowed , but it is done by a lot of stores also, so there is no simple solution for this , outside europe customers do not pay tax , so no down calculating tax only up ..the plugins looks ok price is ok also , lets see, 

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