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[Resolved] front store page color

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Where do you set the background color for the front store page cc6. It is white now I would like to set it to light orange, have tried different areas in the cubecart.css, but doesn't seem to change anything, I must not be at the right place or css file.

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Look in foundation.css around line 61.

Copy the part you want to change over to cubecart.css. Whatever you change it to there will over-ride what is already in foundation.css, but will not be over-written in a CC upgrade. If you plan to make a lot of cosmetic changes, there is another way to do it. But this is the simpler way.

This would be a good example to learn how to use FireFox Firebug extension. Right click on the white header area and choose Inspect Element with Firebug. A section will open up at the bottom with a right hand section that shows the css for that area. Scroll down that right hand part until you see Inherited from Body (that's the first place I see body in the list). There you will see the reference to foundation.css line 61 or so.

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