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Would like to display date & Product total on Store

Dirty Butter

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I added the XML language file and now it is working properly! Thank you very much for your time. It may be an old module, but with the folder rename to get the periods out of the name it works perfectly! It must have had something to do with the obfuscation.

Thank you Bsmither and Noodleman!!

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Well, my OCD is kicking in. I Googled and found there is a code  - string.Format("{0:n0}", 9876);  - that put the comma in the thousands place.

Is there some way to use that code (or something else) with {$TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS} - so the customer sees the number with the expected comma?

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Yes. Since the code (lately, anyway, I'll have to fetch it again) is human readable, we can apply PHP's number_format() function to the value that gets assigned to {$TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS}.

Well, the Homepage Count plugin as found on the third-party forum hasn't been updated to be human readable. Nor can I find it in the Marketplace.

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Thanks for the new download, @Noodleman and I fixed the 'CONFIG' ticks in controller.index.php.

I thought I understood what you meant for me to do with the number format, @bsmither but obviously not, as it just shows this on the storefront:

number_format(4501) Total Products Listed as of 06/29/2016

Here's what I tried to use:

<h4>number_format( {$TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS} ) Total Products Listed as of {$smarty.now|date_format:'%m/%d/%Y'}  </h4>


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You will need to use the number_format function within the PHP files of the module rather than in the store template. See: http://php.net/manual/en/function.number-format.php

module file controller.index.php, the last line should be something like:




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I try to show total product in my store

i put ({$TOTAL_ENABLED_PRODUCTS}) on template

and add in  controller.index.php,


but only apear number 0



i was nice if i can see how many product i have in each category
category 1 (5)
   subcat 1 (3)
   subcat 2 (2)
category 2 (10)

Total product in the store :15

Thank you





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