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I have built a cubecart and chosen the foundation theme. It's all good apart from at mobile view when the menu switches to the responsive one it does'nt render the sub categories, only the top level ones yet at desktop view the full menu shows the top level and sub level categories.

I have searched through the settings and cannot find anything to enable this, surely the responsified menu should show child links otherwise how can users navigate all the categories on mobile?

Anyone got any ideas to solve this?

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I believe I noticed that you are using CubeCart 5. If that is not true with respect to this thread, let us know.

I have experimented using Foundation on CC5 and have concluded there is some maintenance edits needed for the two to work flawlessly with each other - as the Foundation skin was written for CC6.

CC5 has not been coded to ignore mobile devices when the skin says it can still be used at mobile viewport sizes. That is to say, if your mobile device announces to CubeCart that it is a mobile device, CC5 will switch to using the "Mobile" skin (if installed). CC6 behaves a bit differently.

I will make more experiments and see if I can replicate your observations.


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Ok, in CC5.2.16, I was able to get the Foundation skin installed and able to choose it from the storefront. I do not yet know why it is not showing up in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, Skin Settings selector).

Anyway, narrowing the browser width to 360 pixels wide (this does NOT cause the browser to announce to CubeCart it is a mobile device) will reflow the page such that there is a single "SHOP BY CATEGORY v" link. Clicking (tapping) this link will cause the top level categories (TLCs) to show in a slide down menu. If any of these TLCs have sub-categories, a right arrow is shown and when clicked, will cause a sub-menu to slide in from the right.

If your site is publicly viewable, we may be able to determine why you are observing the behavior that you do.

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