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What is the best way to handle a major update to a cubecart site without disrupting the live site.


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Hi there,

I look after a website that uses cubecart v6 in catalogue mode. The cubecart software is currently installed at the root level of "public_html" folder.

We want to make some major updates without the site going down or being disrupted. Is it possible to have a second version of cubecart running from another folder to work on and then when we are ready to go live take the old site down and use the new version? 


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There may some sort of server-level "awareness" about the folder being named "public_html", but I believe that is more convention rather than rule.

That said, this is my favorite approach: create a sister folder named, perhaps, /public_html2/ and get a sub-domain named, perhaps, "www2.example.com" that points to /public_html2/. Build a brand new store, complete with a database using a unique table prefix, at this subdomain in this folder.

When ready to make the switch, edit the /includes/global.inc.php file to switch over to the production database (probably only need to change the table prefix), and then rename "public_html" to "public_html_old", rename "public_html2" to "public_html", and rename "public_html_old" to "public_html2". That keeps the www2 subdomain pointing at something.

Of course, your mileage may vary with respect to the capabilities and permissions of your hosting environment.


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