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[Resolved] A way to delete orders without emailing customers?


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We use CubeCart to allow for online registrations for some in person workshops we run. We don't need to hold on to the records of orders and customers afterwards, but when I've tried to delete an order in the past, it always sends a message to the person who made the order, saying their order was cancelled.

Some of our orders are stuck in processing for periods of time after the workshop has already happened, because it sometimes takes weeks/2 months for the finance sections for some government workshop attendees to pay us. I can't mark the order as 'complete' before then, because we haven't technically been paid until that point. What happens then, is a person may get an order complete e-mail 1-2 months after they've already attended the workshop.

Is there a way for me to delete the orders (that are long since completed) without an e-mail being sent to the customer?

Thanks so much !

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If you have access to the database tables you can delete them from there. Normally access is gained via cPanel and phpMyAdmin. Alternatively you could just change the customer email address to something else (maybe an email address you have) and then delete the orders.

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In admin, "deleting" an order (not the same as "cancelling"), assuming the logged in Admin has the permission to do so, calls the deleteOrder() function in the file /classes/order.class.php.

The deleteOrder() function simply removes the order from the CubeCart_order_summary table (also, does not decrement the order count against the customer, but that aspect may be dealt with elsewhere).

Then, regardless of the outcome of deleting that record, related records concerning the order's inventory, digital file downloads, taxes, notes, and history are deleted.

At no point does deleting an order trigger an email -- as opposed to "Cancelling" an order.

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One could mimic what CubeCart does when one clicks the delete icon for an order listed in admin, Orders.

I prefer having CubeCart do it rather than issue a series of DELETE queries against six or seven separate tables.

Again, I find no evidence that CubeCart sends any email when an admin deletes an order by clicking the delete icon in the Orders List.

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