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Very slow loading of homepage etc


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It took eight seconds for my request, but all the images came in at standard timings.

So, that means it's somewhere between the web server giving the request to PHP and PHP delivering the output back to the web server for delivery.

Between the above two points, PHP is waking up (unless it is FastCGI in which case PHP is probably already awake), CubeCart waking up, fetching the data from the database, rendering the skin, and spitting out the final content.

By far, the most time consuming event is rendering the skin from the templates. This is where enabling the cache (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab) helps -- mostly.

One point you can check is to make sure that the folder /cache/skin/ has files in it. If no files, then (file-based) cache is disabled, or the folder does not have the correct CHMOD permissions to hold cached templates.

The only true way to determine the bottleneck is to run a CacheGrind analysis against a PHP session. You would need to have complete control over the server hosting your site to install this.

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