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I've recently had some issues with my shop but all issues regarding the Nav bar etc have been corrected with the help of bsmither, shop is working as it should, however i have an issue with google SEO linking me to 404 page error.

i originally had category with all electrical items in. i made a new category with sub category's in, and it's all working inside the shop, i originally had issue with the web browser holding the old category but found this was because the custom SEO url path in products held the old information, i deleted this path and let it repopulate it's self with the correct information. so now the url for the store category is correct to the category path, i then made a new sitemap and uploaded this to the site overwriting the old sitemap.

Then i went to google webmasters/tools and checked sitemap and did a fetch and render (this was all last week) yesterday i did a google search but i was shocked my shop had disappeared from the top of page 2 in google for my keyword search not showing in the first 15 pages!!! i then did a search for a product and model that i stock and google gives me a link to a 404 error in the shop (with the previous old category link).

i again checked the sitemap was correct, and it held all the new correct information with the correct paths to the new categories etc i tried doing a fetch and render 3 times as google was still sending me to 404 bad link when i search for a manufacture and model.

then i thought it must update over night maybe but again its been 24 hours and I've checked again this morning and it's still wrong... any ideas please as this has got me totally baffled? i have the shop running now just how i wanted it, and it looks great, now this SEO problem.

any pointers would be much appreciated    

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