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[Resolved] Tax not added to postage to UK address from non-EU customer

Mike MacKechnie

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Apologies if this has been asked before, but I've done the searches and couldn't find anything.....

My client had an order from a non-EU customer, to be delivered to a UK address. Under UK tax rules, there should have been 20% VAT added to the postage cost, but (I presume) because the customer had a non-EU Billing Address, no tax was added.  

We are using the All In One Shipping plugin with CCv6.0.12. The attached screen shots show the summary of the order in question, our shipping settings and our tax rules

Any idea what we are doing wrong? We need the VAT to be declared separately on the invoice for the accountants, so ticking the "Tax Included" box for shipping is a non-starter.







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I'm having the same sort of problem....

We're located in California here in the USA, for customers that live in California, we have to charge a 8% sales tax.

What it 'looks' like to me, is somewhere somehow, the customers are allowed to bypass the 'State' part of entering
their billing address, sometimes I get orders with the state abbreviations rather then written out like the drop down
box the Basket gives them (See example Images)

The only thing that I can figure, is that when they get to payment processing (Authorize.net) I don't think that all the
information entered isn't transferred over from the cart; By way that the payment processing page use to retrieve
all the customer information directly from what they entered in the Basket (Example 3)

So, if (in Example 3) I could understand if the "WA" was sent back to the cart after the transaction was complete and
changed it in the CC database, but that wouldn't account for WHY it doesn't tack on the tax BEFORE getting to
the Payment Processing Page

Example 1.JPG

Example 2.JPG

Example 3.JPG

I just did a test with an account I created and bought something expensive (See cart total)

Then put Payment processor in "Test Mode" to see the results .... seems to be a problem
on the CC end.

Example 4.JPG

Example 5.JPG

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